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The booklet "THE TELETYPE STORY" was originally produced as a handout commemorating the 50th anniversary of The Teletype Corporation.  It was given away at special occasions, to good customers, and to most anyone who wanted a copy. Today there are few copies readily available. RTTY.COM borrowed the NADCOMM copy and has scanned it into a number of different files which are intended to allow visitors to RTTY.COM enjoy it in a number of ways.

The table below contains thumbnails of each page of the booklet.  Clicking on the thumbnail of a particular page will bring up a much larger .gif image of that particular page. Those who wish to view or perhaps print that particular page in the higher resolution .jpg format can click on the page link located below the thumbnail and the .jpg image will appear in full color.

The .jpg files are rather large and will take considerably longer to down load, but if the viewer wishes to print a high resolution copy of "THE TELETYPE STORY", the means has been provided to do so. Each .jpg is 1099 X 850 pixels.

We suggest saving the file to your hard drive, and then using a photo editing program such as Adobe PhotoShop or Paint Shop Pro, the image be sized to fit your printer's page capabilities and then printed.


Copyright George Hutchison, W7TTY & Bill Bytheway, K7TTY -- November 2011